Laser tattoo removal is calculated at $50 per square inch. We will measure your tattoo and then subtract for any blank areas. This price is per treatment. We use the ESTIMATOR from this website to determine how many treatments your tattoo removal will make. Anything over that is FREE!

Here are some sample price quotes. 

Extra Small Tattoo - $50 per treatment

Extra small tattoos such as
party dots, teardrops,
or ring tattoos.

Tattoo Ring

Small Tattoo - $100 per treatment
Less than 2 inches

Tattoo Small

Medium Tattoo - $200 per treatment
4 square inches

Tattoo Larger

Large Tattoo - $400 per treatment

Tattoo Large

Something Bigger?

If you have a tattoo larger than the categories above and want to learn what laser tattoo removal treatments may be possible, the team at Anticipation Laser Tattoo Removal is here to help. Schedule a free consultations and let our laser tattoo removal technicians take a look!