Why Choose Anticipation Laser Tattoo Removal?

With offices in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Anticipation Laser Tattoo Removal is here to help you remove unwanted tattoos. If you are ready to remove your tattoo, the team at Anticipation Laser Tattoo Removal is here to guide you through the process. Schedule your free consultation today and let us help.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

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At Anticipation Laster Tattoo Removal, we understand the burden that unwanted tattoos may have. We offer a completely free consultation to our customers to provide you with a per-treatment cost and the estimated number of treatments that may be required to remove your tattoo. If your tattoo is very small we will be able to do your first treatment at your consultation.

Tattoo Treatment

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Our team of talented professionals combine advanced laser technology and expertise to eliminate unwanted tattoos with our laser tattoo removal treatments.

Tattoo Treatment

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Although we estimate 10 treatments for the complete removal of most tattoos, many different factors may affect the success that is gradually achieved and the duration of time that will be required to completely remove the tattoo.

To calculate an estimate of how many treatments your tattoo will take to remove, we recommend this estimator.

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Anticipation Laser Tattoo Removal utilizes an FDA-approved, Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser. By producing short pulses of light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of the skin to affect the tattoo pigment. Once introduced, the laser breaks apart tattoo ink into smaller particles that are then flushed by the body’s immune system. Since laser tattoo removal selectively targets ink pigments, it does not damage the surrounding skin.